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Full-stack developer for meta-science projects on AI safety

Register interest here [5 mins, CV not required if you don't have one]

We are looking for a part-time remote contractor for Svelte full-stack development with experience in data visualization.


We can offer a retainer (monthly payment), and would pay an hourly rate for additional work.

Further logistical details:

  • We are based in CET +/- 3 hours and would love if you're also based there but it's not a requirement
  • You can let us know what works for you in the form


We are offering $50 / hour. Let us know if this salary would prevent you from taking the role in the form.

Current tech Stack

We have developed the backend and frontends until now and we are seeking someone who can take responsibility on visually appealing, responsive, community-driven data science web apps.

Here is a list of tools and apps we use in our tech stack:

  • SvelteKit in Svelte hosted on Vercel with CI/CD from Github
  • Supabase
  • API: Express (JS) and Flask (Python)
  • DNS on Netlify
  • We use SimpleAnalytics for GDPR compliant analytics
  • Google Workspace and HacknPlan for project management

Your role and responsibilities

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining our web app projects. These include (and might expand from) the following projects:

  • A progress report website that monitors and updates on the progress of the field of AI safety. This will include a database, an API, and scraping tools for aggregating data. An example might be
  • Create a website for running scientific research with 1) hypotheses tested and their results, 2) hypotheses that need to be tested for the research project to move forward, and 3) general project ideas with bounties. The current version can be seen here:
  • The above website will and can expand in many ways: 1) Support for running hackathons and specific course groups with ideas for these, 2) support for funders to look through and add bounties, and 3) connecting people to work on specific projects. We will talk more about this together.
  • Miscellaneous projects such as,, and other fun side projects.
  • Web APIs for testing and monitoring progress on research benchmarks. See for example our affiliates' Moral Uncertainty prize website.

We hope you have extensive experience with different tools to create these types of projects. For example, if we just need a simple showcase website, we will probably prefer SquareSpace over a Svelte app and our home website is developed in Webflow.

Why work with us?

We want to support and facilitate the research happening in AI safety towards ensuring a safe future with artificial intelligence. We are just starting up several projects and hope that you can be a source of good for our organization!

Many in the field have talked about when AGI will arrive and how likely we are to be extinguished as a species from an AI takeover but we want to focus on the possibilities we have for success!

  • Where are we as a field at the moment and what does this mean for our distance to safe AI?
  • Can we measure progress on quantifiable metrics towards this safe AI?
  • How can we invite more people into AI safety and give them the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to research?

These are some of the questions we attempt to answer in our work.

We hope you would like to join us!

Will you waste our time by applying?


What does the interview process look like?

We will review and answer your applications within 2 weeks and respond with an invite for an interview and have a chat together about your programming and design philosophy. Then we'll work on a few (2-5) paid pull requests to our codebase that we will review and invite you to join.

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