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Since you submitted an extraordinary project at the Alignment Jam hackathon, you are specially invited to take part in our research fellowship with the goal of publishing your research in a reputable academic venue.

Submit your interest and project plans below and you will get an email to call with our research lead, Fazl Barez, to kick off the project. From there, you are in action towards publishing and we are excited to be a part of your journey!

Please read the FAQ to set your expectations about research publication and the fellowship. Fill out the form below (approximately 10-15 minutes) and you will receive the call booking link. Please fill out the form within one week of receiving the email. Submit the form once per team and remember to include all team member's Discord usernames who are interested.

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Information about the fellowship in an FAQ format

What will the mentorship and co-authoring look like?

We will co-author with you and invite researchers in the field to co-author as well. This means everything academic co-authoring means; authorship is proportional to the work put into the project. See previous work for published authorship contributions.

How long does it take to publish a paper?

We expect the collaboration to take around 3-6 months and after we submit, there are still opportunities and tasks to grab hold of, e.g. joining to present at the conference, giving talks, creating the conference-ready paper, etc. The submission is not necessarily the end of a project.

How many hours will I work on this per week?

We hope you want to work towards this project with at least around 5-10 hours on average per week with potentially 20 hours per week up towards the deadline. This shifts between projects as well.

Will I be lead author on the paper?

Yes. The authorship will be given by contribution and since you will work the most on the research project, this is an opportune moment to have lead authorship on a great piece of research!

Can I get any stipends or compensation?

We will guide and support you in any grant applications or donor conversations.

If we receive funding for the project, we also provide a $1,000 bounty if you get your work published in a reputable academic conference, workshop, or journal.

What will your support look like?

We provide a lot of mentorship, resources, assistance, and of course, co-authorship. Our aim is to let you control the project and provide you with the ability to take the lead and decide on key objectives. Our assistance and co-authorship will be in a mentoring and advising position. We will often co-write a lot of the paper and other co-authors often provide good technical or conceptual feedback to the projects.

You receive approximately 1 hour per day with Fazl, though this will differ by project. Time commitment will be much more significant closer to submission deadline.

What other tooling and software can you provide?

We have access to most large language models and can receive access to any you find interesting. We also cover most compute or experimentation costs below a threshold.

What products come out of your research?
Will I receive credentials for participating in this fellowship?

Having lead authorship on a paper provides a lot of credibility in research and it'll be a product of high quality that you can show to anyone who might be interested in your capabilities as a researcher.

Can I co-author with a researcher in the field?

We often invite other established researchers to co-author with us, yes.

How does the lab communicate and work?

We all work in the Discord server and have private channels for the specific papers. Fazl will generally help you define the key tasks and assist with research project management.

Do you have options to do in-person lab research as well?

You are very welcome to visit Copenhagen! We have an open AI safety office space and for shorter durations (1-6 days), you are very welcome to sleep over at the group house EnigmA. Depending on the dates, we might have a similar opportunity available at our Oxford location in Trajan House.

Previous Apart Lab research

Detecting Edit Failures In Large Language Models: An Improved Specificity Benchmark

Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier1*, Julia Persson1*, Esben Kran1, Ionnis Konstas2, Fazl Barez1,3*

ACL 2023
Neuron to Graph: Interpreting Language Model Neurons at Scale

Alex Foote1*, Neel Nanda2, Esben Kran1, Ionnis Konstas3, Shay Cohen4, Fazl Barez1,4,5*

RTML workshop at ICLR 2023