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Apart Research is an independent research organization focusing on AI safety. We facilitate and run hackathons and support individuals in technical AI safety research.

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We collaborate on promising projects from talented individuals in the AI safety field. These often arise from our hackathons in e.g. interpretability. See the lab participants who are confirmed co-authors on accepted papers below.

Published work from the Apart Lab

N2G: A Scalable Approach for Quantifying Interpretable Neuron Representation in Large Language Models

Alex Foote1*, Neel Nanda2, Esben Kran1, Ionnis Konstas3, Fazl Barez1,3,4*

1Apart Research  2Independent  3Edinburgh Centre for Robotics  4University of Oxford
* Equal contribution

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May 5, 2023  |  RTML workshop at ICLR 2023

Detecting Edit Failures In Large Language Models: An Improved Specificity Benchmark

Jason Hoelscher-Obermaier1*, Julia Persson1*, Esben Kran1, Ionnis Konstas2, Fazl Barez1,3*

1Apart Research 2Edinburgh Centre for Robotics 3Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford
* Equal contribution

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July 10, 2023  |  ACL 2023

Risks from artificial intelligence

Why AI Safety?

AI is advancing rapidly, and it won't be long before they surpass humans in various domains. As this technological progress continues, it is crucial that we prioritize the safety of these systems. Without proper safeguards in place, we expose ourselves to existing  risks.

A*PART is committed to supporting researchers in the field of ML safety. Our goal is to foster a deeper understanding of AI and how to make it safer.

If you would like to invite us to speak at your event, please contact us at

Stay informed and join the discussion - together, we can shape the future of AI and ensure its safe and responsible development.

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