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A*PART is an independent ML safety research and research facilitation organization working for a future with a benevolent relationship to AI.

We run AISI, the Alignment Hackathons, and an AI safety research update series.

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Research hackathons in ML safety topics open for beginners and experts alike.

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We publish introductions to AI safety concepts and weekly research content.

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Risks from artificial intelligence

Why AI Safety?

AI will soon surpass humans in many domains. If the AI does not understand our intentions, there is a high risk to humanity's well-being. Read more.

A*PART facilitates research in alignment to create this understanding and make safe AI.

Write to us at if you want us to give a talk at your event.

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Our core team makes the magic happen! Contact any of us if you are interested in our work or would like to join the core team. See our open research process on our Discord server.

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Additionally, we are supported by more than 30 volunteers across the globe who help us make the Alignment Jams and the newsletters a reality.

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Reading up on Safety in artificial intelligence

The AI Safety Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a challenge to read 20 books or articles in 20 days. The below books and articles are meant as an introduction to the field of AI safety. Read them and post online with #AIgauntlet. In development. Write to us if you would like a feature, learning path, book or paper added to the project!

When you're done here, check out Kravkovna's list and the AGI Safety Fundamentals curriculum,



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A*PART is In development, join us

What sets us apart

A*PART is an organization dedicated to advancing research in the field of AI safety. We believe that by providing support and opportunities for researchers, we can help drive innovation and progress in this critical area.

One of the ways we do this is through our Alignment Jam hackathons, which give researchers the chance to experiment and showcase their skills in AI and machine learning. With the support of our collaborators, participants also have access to unique opportunities, such as joining industry labs, academic institutions, and research fellowships.